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Live@thelibrary: September to December 2022

Our autumn season is packed full of thrilling shows for the spooky season. From true Victorian crime with Scotland Yard Investigates to psychological thriller, The Last Motel, and an author talk with “manc noir” writer, David Nolan. For those of you looking for something more light hearted we have the wonderful comedian and poet Rob Barratt.

And of course, our winter season would not be complete without Oldham Theatre Workshops magical Christmas production. This year they will be bringing us The Night the Frost Fell.

For tickets, follow the links below each show.

Sheepish Productions presents

The Last Motel

Saturday 17th September, Oldham Library, 7pm, £5

Abalone’s desperate, he’s taken a holiday to commit armed robbery and now he has a woman stuffed into the boot of his classic car. Join us at The Last Motel to see if Abalone’s hostage changes his perspective on life. Written by award nominated Jeremy Fletcher, whose work has been performed on Sky TV (Fest Live) and has toured nationally.   


Mikron Theatre presents

Raising Agent – SOLD OUT

Thursday 29th September, Oldham Library, 7pm, £5

Bunnington WI is a bit down-at-heal but when a PR guru becomes a member, the women are glad of new blood. She re-brands them the Bunnington Bunnies. They’re hopping. With stakes higher than a five-tiered cake stand, a battle ensues for the very soul of Bunnington, perhaps the WI itself! Above all else, like the WI itself, Raising Agents is a story of friendship.


Future Artist LTD presents


Thursday 6th October, Oldham Library, 7.30pm, £5

Skanks just wanna have a clean bill of health, the adoration of the public and some decent recycling facilities.
Kate could be a successful writer, if she could just concentrate. Instead, she needs to recycle this bean can, shag sexy Gary and stop obsessing about her inevitable untimely death.


Half Moon and Z-Arts Presents

Grandad Anansi

Wednesday 12th October, 4pm, £3

Abi and her Grandad tell each other Anansi folktales. They play games as they work together in the garden among the beautiful flowers and tasty vegetables. As they plant memories, they share secrets and develop a bond that nothing can break.

Join our intrepid characters in this humorous and heartfelt inter-generational adventure, as they step into the unexpected. A wonderful family show to celebrate family history month.


Don’t Go Into The Cellar presents

Scotland Yard Investigates

Thursday 10th November, Oldham Library, 7pm, £5

From the files of Scotland Yard come these startling adaptations of infamous true-life nineteenth century crimes. Faithful to the source material but employing a theatrical flourish, expect to be entertained and horrified in equal measure.


Knife Edge Theatre Presents

Dark Tales

Tuesday 15th November, 7pm. £5

Haunted by disturbing dreams, a troubled woman seeks help to unravel the mysteries that lie within. A series of creepy supernatural tales of ghosts, demons and curses unfolds…but are they merely dreams or dark memories of past lives?

Prepare for an exciting nightmare rollercoaster of unexpected twists and sinister turns in this original collection of gripping new spooky stories, inspired by the best of classic horror and brought to life by Peter Clifford and Heather Phoenix.


Rob Barratt

Thursday 24th November, 6pm, £5

Failsworth Library

Dudley-born and Cornwall based Rob Barratt is a comic poet, humourist and singer. His brain-tickling, word-mangling performance combines clever word play, verse and song with satire, parody and audience participation. Rob deals with such important topics as squid, data-driven education, Neanderthal politics, the weather in Scotland, distressed furniture and his relationship with potatoes but beneath the humour lurk serious issues.


Oldham Theatre Workshop present

The Night the Frost Fell

Saturday 3rd – Saturday 24th December, various times, £8.

A child with a wish for Christmas. A town that lives in the shadow of a curse. A place where everyone knows the legend of Jack Frost.

On a dark and cold Christmas Eve the North winds wake the sleeping spirit and the whole town begins to freeze until time itself stands still.

With time frozen and the frost getting thicker, Bobbi goes on an adventure to the mysterious world of snow and ice where polar bears roam and ice sprites make their magic. Can Bobbi discover how to lift the curse, melt the frost and save Christmas? Will her Christmas wish finally come true?

A delightful story with magical characters and enchanting music The Night the Frost Fell is a captivating tale sure to thaw even the coldest of hearts.


Summer Reading Challenge 2022

Get ready for Gadgeteers, arriving online and in your local library this summer…

The Summer Reading Challenge is taking place at all libraries in Oldham and Gallery Oldham from Saturday 23 July until Saturday 17 September. Read any six library books of your choice and collect Gadgeteer rewards along the way. Once you have read the six books you will receive a certificate and a medal. You will also be invited to our Gadgeteer finishers celebration event, packed full of exciting science activities. 

As part of the Challenge, Oldham Libraries and Gallery Oldham have been working together to create lots of cool activities and events. We’ve lined up performance poets, theatre shows, arts and crafts, and more. We hope you’re as excited as we are to join the Gadgeteers this summer. For a full list of events and to book your place visit Oldham Council’s Summer Reading Challenge webpage.

Find out about more events and activities taking place at Gallery Oldham from our What’s On page, from adult craft workshops to gallery talks – there is something for everyone.