Oldham’s Lockdown Museum

Oldham’s Lockdown Museum is a new digital project to collect a snapshot of what life is like in our local area during the Covid-19 pandemic.

There is a saying: ‘Change is the only visible sign of life’ and what changes we’ve gone through. Gallery Oldham is looking for objects that tell the story of life in lockdown so that we can share them with future generations. We’d love to share your experiences and ideas, and see pictures (photographs or drawings/paintings) of the objects that sum them up, whatever they are.

While we are all learning to adjust to new ways of living, creativity can help us manage some of the challenges with which we are faced. Some of us are returning to things we haven’t had time to do for a very long time. Others are trying a new technique for the first time. Please send us images of the things you have been making, drawing or writing. We’re very happy to see works in progress – this section of our website is about sharing the process as much as the finished result.

How you can take part in Oldham’s Lockdown Museum

Each week we will set a theme for you to respond to. You are also welcome to send us Lockdown related images which don’t relate to the themes. We will exhibit our favourite entries in Oldham’s Lockdown Museum the following week.

Week 6 (29th June – 6th July): Nature

From goats reclaiming the streets of Llandudno, to urban residents simply being able to hear the sound of bird song while traffic levels dropped, nature has played a part in many people’s experience of Spring/Summer 2020.

This week in Oldham’s Lockdown Museum we are asking you to tell us about the lockdown experiences you have had which involved nature. Have you spent more time in your local park than usual? Or have you hung a bird feeder up by your window for the first time? Have you succeeded (or failed?!) in growing something? Did you find that the act of taking a daily walk meant that you noticed the seasons changing more? We’d love to see photos of things you’ve seen in your garden or spotted on your walk.

Deadline for ‘Nature’ submissions is 9am Monday 6th July. We are happy to receive them after this but we may not be able to include them in our gallery on this page, although we will still add them to our collection for future generations.

Week 5 (22nd – 28th June): Messages

During lockdown lots of people have used their windows to send messages to people passing in the street. Sometimes they’re messages of hope, like rainbows, sometimes they’re thank yous to the key workers who are keeping us fed, rubbish-free and supplied with deliveries. Thank you for all the photographs you’ve sent us along this theme.

Deadline for ‘Messages’ submissions was 9am Monday 29th June. We are happy to receive them after this but we may not be able to include them in our gallery on this page, although we will still add them to our collection for future generations.

Week 4 (15th – 21st June): Changes

Change happens all around us during ‘normal’ times, but the pace of change has really sped up during 2020. In March we all had to adapt to a brand new way of living, almost overnight. We’ve uploaded a selection of images linked to Changes.

Week 3 (8th – 14th June): Making

For many of us, Lockdown has meant that we have had to learn new skills. Have a look at what we’ve learnt!

Week 2 (1st – 7th June): Objects

This week we asked you to send us a picture of something that represents the Covid-19 lockdown to you. Take a look at some of the images we received.

Week 1 (25th – 31st May): ‘Kindness’.

Here are selection of the images which people have sent us on the theme of Kindness.

Lockdown Life (25th May – ongoing)

We have also received donations to our museum which do not relate to our weekly theme. You can see some of these here.

This form is designed to allow you to send us your submission for our online exhibition.

If you are under the age of 18, you will need to ask a guardian or parent to upload it for you.

If you are submitting a film, please provide a URL from which we can download it. To do this you can use a service such as Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or a free filesharing service such as FileBin.