Donating Items to the Gallery


Object donations

Gallery Oldham’s collections have been built up over the past 150 years and are very rich, although some gaps still Butterfly Collectionexist. Therefore, we welcome individuals interested in donating materials to our collections.

However, the costs of caring for our collections are high and it is important that we do not duplicate materials or objects that fall outside our collecting policy. In view of this we’re unable to accept everything which is offered to us.

How to donate

  • Contact us in writing or by telephone before bringing in your objects – contacting us in advance can help avoid disappointment.

It may be that your donation is exactly what we have been looking for as it fits in with our Collecting Policy and has a full history. In this case it will be accepted into our permanent collections.

However, it may be that for a variety of reasons we cannot accept your offer. Please do not be offended. If this is the case our curator will give you a full and detailed reason why. They may also be able to advise you on other museums and galleries to contact.

Hopefully your object is just what we are looking for, although it may not be put on display for some time. We care for thousands of objects, and exhibitions and displays have to be carefully planned, often years in advance.

Meanwhile, your object will be carefully stored and may be drawn upon for special exhibitions or lent for exhibition at other registered institutions. It will also be available for research, study and education purposes.

Please do note, however, that:

  • Gallery Oldham does not normally accept material on long-term loan.

To discuss a donation please contact the appropriate member of our Collections Team. Or for general enquiries please contact the Gallery reception.

Phone: 0161 770 4653