Gallery Oldham has been collecting artworks and objects since 1883 and is still collecting today.

The current collections include:

  • over 12,000 social and industrial history items,
  • more than 2,000 works of art,
  • about 1,000 items of decorative art,
  • more than 80,000 natural history specimens,
  • over 1,000 geological specimens,
  • about 3,000 archaeological artefacts,
  • 15,000 photographs and
  • a large number of books, pamphlets and documents.

All of these items belong to the people of Oldham, who are free to come and view their collections. Gallery Oldham’s job is to make sure these items are stored safely and that they are accessible. If you would like to view specific items in the collections, please make an appointment with us before you visit.

Also check out our Oldham Stories gallery, where we bring together objects from our Natural History, Social History and Art Collections to look again at Oldham past and present.


Find out more

Fine Art Collection – over 550 oil paintings

Natural History – amazing plant, animal and geological specimens

Social History – material evidence of the history of Oldham

Identification Service – free object and natural history identification service

Collection search – search the online catalogue

Oldham Local Studies and Archives – open to anyone interested in local history.

Donating to the Gallery – we collect items relating to the history and environment of the borough of Oldham